Pic of the day: Vessel by Carol Peace

‘Vessel’ by Carol Peace is a sculpture which works both figuratively and in the abstract. The rustic finish to the bronze helps to emphasise the feeling of light which radiates from within.

£6000 (5 available)



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4 responses to “Pic of the day: Vessel by Carol Peace

  1. Sounds a bit lame to simply say I like this piece and Carol’s work in general, but I do.

  2. this is so beautiful , so delicate and full of life and movement. Carol you have excelled yourself!

  3. Hi Guy, why should it be lame to say you like an artists work? I think her work is just amazing. I like the way she plays around with the proportions of the human figure and creates other things from it like this piece. I wish more people would say they like artworks without trying to justify why they like it.

  4. Exxactly – I certainly think it is graceful and beautiful too.

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