A letter from the Director

Dear Friend,

I am writing further to a letter you may have received from the group calling itself ‘The Friends of the RWA’. The RWA no longer endorses that organisation, which is a separate body, and we would like to remind all our supporters and Friends of this separation.

In November 2011 the RWA reconstituted its Friends membership scheme, bringing it back within the RWA charity (instead of working alongside a parallel charity).  The reason for this change was to enable more effective use /collection of, and accounting for, valuable income generated from annual membership subscriptions.  These subscriptions are vital to our work.

Volunteers remain an integral part of the RWA – indeed, we cannot function without them.  We continue to work with our longstanding Friends’ volunteers who have helped us for many years and who have now joined us as a group within the RWA.  Since November last year, their ranks have been swelled with many new volunteers. Each week, volunteers give us 220 hours of their time covering areas such as installing exhibitions, managing the collection,  invigilating exhibitions, fundraising, mailings and much, much more.

As previously advertised, all Friends subscriptions should now be redirected to the RWA.  We continue to welcome Friends old and new to the special relationship that the RWA has to offer, but beyond October this year we cannot honour that commitment to those who make payments, even in error, to an organisation entirely unconnected.

If you have not already noted the change, please take the following steps to ensure your membership benefits are uninterrupted.

Payments by cash, cheque or standing order should be made to the RWA. If you are paying by standing order, you need to instruct your bank to ensure the correct details are being used and your continuity with the RWA is maintained.

Bank details:  National Westminster Bank, Account Number: 22111069 Sort Code: 60-17-12

We are enhancing and opening up the RWA, with extensive changes in all areas of our work.  If you have not visited recently I would urge you to do so – you can be sure of a warm welcome. As you walk through the building you will see that we are now reaching out to people of all ages and backgrounds, with hundreds of visitors each day.

You will also discover that there have been significant enhancements to the building, including exciting new exhibition spaces.

By the end of September we will have three top galleries that offer museum grade conditions, enabling us to show a wide variety of work from around the globe.

Your support is so very important to the RWA, and we look forward to seeing you soon.

With kind regards


Trystan Hawkins, Director



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2 responses to “A letter from the Director

  1. Penny Clark

    As a current member I would appreciate more information on the reason for the separation before I renew my membership, please can you clarify?

    • The FRWA Association originated from within the RWA. There were a number of reasons for bringing it back into the RWA.
      It was quite confusing for members paying their subs to a separate organisation. We have invested heavily in the visitor experience and have very tight cash flow requirements.
      The previous FRWA Association incurred Administration costs which reduced the income then paid to the RWA. There is now no additional staff employed to deliver membership.
      There was significant wastage of postage with duplication of mailings; we now have an integrated database which has eliminated duplications.
      Volunteers were previously managed by the separate charity. Best practice and statutory requirements (health and safety, CRB, child protection etc) required that volunteers it was came under the RWA. The number of volunteers working for the RWA has increased and we have continued to work with volunteers who were involved historically.

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