Advent at the RWA: 9 December

come rocket fish

“Very hard to choose just one work but I will usually look at this work when I am in the gallery. I love the sea and imagine that it is set in the South West, an area that is important to me.  Is the boy explaining something to the fish? Who knows but I like the idea of the conversation.”

Come, Rocket Fish by Julie Lafferty
Chosen by Trystan Hawkins, Director


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One response to “Advent at the RWA: 9 December

  1. The narrative here is of a man/boy whose farm and crops are failing him.
    He is distraught – he has a deep love for his land. So he sails his small boat out into the estuary (based on Bigbury SW Devon) to ask Rocketfish for advice.
    Rocketfish suggests that he himself can take the boy up to the moon so he can gain a different perspective on life as that sometimes helps and in exchange cut the line and hook from his mouth and so it is a quest for happiness.
    Julie Lafferty (artist)

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