Cataloguing a hidden collection

Within the Permanent Collection at the RWA is a small collection of folders containing various unframed works and ephemera, which have been donated to the Academy over the years. When these works were donated, many of them were simply registered as a single item, but recently we have been going through the folders to individually catalogue each piece, allocating a registration number and adding the details of each work to our database.

Recent work has concentrated on a collection of drawings, sketches, watercolours and photographs by Katy Rintoul, dating from 1907 until the 1950s. Unfortunately, we do not have much information regarding the artist, but the collection is a fascinating body of work revealing an artist who was obviously adept at drawing the human figure, as well as an accomplished painter of landscapes. The joy of looking through these folders is that we never know what we are going to find and as well as samples of Miss Rintoul’s works, the collection also includes sketches by artists who appear to have been her students when she taught at the School of Art.

As a result of this project, the folder which had previously been registered as a single item has revealed nearly two hundred additions to the RWA Permanent Collection, with many more works, by other artists, still waiting to be seen.

Written by Tristan Pollard, Gallery Co-ordinator

For more about the RWA’s permanent collection, visit our entry on the BBC Your Paintings site


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