Action/Assemblage: drawing together

I enjoyed the experience enormously!

I can’t tell you how fascinating I found the event.

I’m an artist. I’ve lived in Bristol for six years and this is the first event that has attracted me to the RWA.

 It was really moving, and incredibly inspiring and thought provoking!

Fascinating.Where is the line drawn?

I have never seen sign poetry before, and I didn’t even know it existed

Brilliantly expressive and strong. Mesmerising!

Wow! Really interesting challenge.

The gallery was pretty quiet on the Saturday afternoon of one of the few gloriously sunny bank holidays in living memory, but the Drawing Lab quickly filled. This newly formed community were gathered to watch Richard Carter and Paul Scott perform the poetry that they create in British Sign Language.

Kyra Pollitt presented a number of carefully selected quotations that drew attention to the images Richard and Paul were creating in space, and the similarities between their practice and the actions of drawing and painting.

Drawing materials were on hand for those who wished to experiment, and members of the HATCH research-through-drawing collective were joined by a number of visitors who bravely chanced their hand.

Two interpreters- Pascale Moroney and Naomi Bearne- facilitated communication in the discussions that punctuated the activities. And as the event drew to a close and artists and visitors mingled and chatted, the voluntary contributions box began to fill with drawings, comments and even a number of haikus!

There’s one last chance to experience this popular event. Action/Assemblage will be repeated in the Drawing Lab of the RWA this Sunday, 19th May from 2.30-4.30pm. Whether you’re an artist, a budding poet or would prefer to simply sit and watch, you will be most welcome.

 with eye, hand, lip

a concentration of


understanding will come soon



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