Actors and Artifice Lunchtime Talk

Yesterday we joined Jo Elsworth and Laura Gardner from the University of Bristol Theatre Collection, and discovered some of the incredible  stories behind the paintings in the Actors and Artifice show – an intimate exhibition that explores the depiction of actors on and off stage.

photo 2 photo 5photo 22

The talk was kicked off by Jo describing some of the artefacts the University of Bristol Theatre Collection has in it stores including audience favourite, the book of ‘Practical Illustrations of Rhetoric Gesture and Action’. A manual on the poses to use when conveying different emotions.  The great example of this in the exhibition is painting of Richard III depicted in a stance showing horror. This stance with his legs apart is notably different from that of terror in which his knees would be further apart. The stance of terror also does not permit movement whereas horror does.


For those who missed yesterdays lecture here is a snippet from Laura Gardner describing costume design.



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  1. It was a pleasant aspect of the talk that we were able to handle and look closely at books and documents from the archives of the University of Bristol Theatrical Collection. Attending the talk helped me to engage with exhibits that I would not have paid much attention to if it had not been for the narrative provided by the speakers.

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