Our Highlights from The Power of the Sea

Days before the new Back From the Front programme of exhibitions open the staff take a moment to look back and reflect on their favorite bits from The Power of the Sea exhibition and events programme.

Rosie Dolton (Customer Services Assistants)

“My highlight of the Power of the sea exhibition was the sculpture by Annie Cattrell ‘Currents’ I really liked the way it looked like it was made of glass and had the appearance of being heavy but actually when you moved it  was made of a light plastic making the piece seem ephemeral. It was a beautiful and seemed to shimmer like the sea. I also liked the way the piece was displayed like the artist had cut a square out of the sea and placed it on the gallery floor and the viewr was able to walk around the piece. It seemed to it freeze a moment in time and captures a movement of the sea which is usually so fleeting. It is a poetic artwork which makes the viewer reflect.”

2014-04-04 10.52.50


Annie Cattrell Currents

Rose Mazillius (Customer Services Manager)

“It’s very difficult to think of just one highlight over the course of The Power of the Sea. We had so many fantastic visitor comments, stunning artworks old and new, as well as some unforgettable events in the RWA calendar. For me though, it would have to be the first time I saw Kurt Jackson’s ‘An Mor Kernewek’. I studied Kurt’s work at school and loved his free use of paint on the canvas and the way he captures the light of the Cornish coastline. During install, I walked upstairs and was met by this expanse of blue sea, as though I were looking out of a giant window over the ocean. This moment stuck with me and is why I’d have to say it is my top highlight from what has been a truly unforgettable exhibition.”

Kurt Jackson Image copy

Kurt Jackson An Mor Kernewek

Gemma Brace (Exhibitions Manager)

My favourite memory from The Power of the Sea was working alongside Janette Kerr and Ben Rowe on the day the contemporary work was placed. After months of seeing images of the work and discussing the practicalities it was a huge sense of excitement to have all the works together in one room and to finally see how they worked alongside one another. You can never really tell what something will look like until it arrives and you can see it in the scale of the galleries – especially on a sunny day with the light flooding in through the roof lights.

2014-04-01 10.05.42

The Power of the Sea during the install.

Rebecca Clay (Marketing Manager)

“My favourite thing from the Power of the sea is slightly different as it isn’t a thing at all. I loved the Bristol Art Weekender and all the amazing events that were scheduled alongside The Power of the Sea over the course of the weekend. It was during a time when I was very new to Bristol and it was an absolute delight to be part of something so big and exciting. The events we held at the gallery were really quite busy and the whole place had a certain buzz about it, the glorious weather didn’t hurt either. ”

BristolArtWeekender_website_slider bw


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