RWA Spotlight Printmaker – Sophie Rae

The RWA are pleased to showcase the beautiful work of local craft professionals. For each exhibition we choose a Spotlight Print-maker and a Maker of the Moment who work we feel complement work.

Sophie_Rae_PoppiesSquare METADATA-/scanq/scantofile0530.tif

Sophie Rae’s work has been created using a small durathene roller and ink. A technique she has been developing since University. There are a number of stages to her process, which she equally enjoys. After the inspiration has hit and the image decided it all starts with a sketch. This sketch is then cut into separate pieces, so eventually each part of the original sketch is a stencil. These stencils are then placed onto a fresh sheet of smooth paper and the apron is put on. Now the printing begins. With a roller in one hand and often some music in her ears Sophie mixes new colours and applies them to the paper using her roller. Her stencils are there to mask off areas of the paper, just like a screen print. So she applies ink in the spaces of her stencils, gradually building up the image in this way until you get what you see here today.


SophieRae_Printmaking SophieRae_Printmaking2

SophieRae_Printmaking3 SophieRae_ProPhoto

A spontaneous and exciting way to work, it has immediate results and can be used to create very simple or very complex monoprints.

Sophie Rae has also worked as Artist in Residence at Chhaap Printmaking Studios in Baroda, India, for a month in 2013. Here she produced a series of prints inspired by her trip around the country, some of the landscapes you can purchase here.

Sophie works from her studio in Hamilton House and teaches her technique too. To find out more about her workshops and techniques or if you have any other questions or comments you can reach her at

Her website is


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