UWE The Centre for Moving Image Research and RWA Bursary Awardee Lucy Williams

The Royal West of England Academy and the Centre for Moving Image Research of the University of the West of England are offering artists of the South West three bursaries of £1000 for the creation of works of moving image art. It is intended that the three works should be completed over the summer of 2014 and exhibited continuously in parallel to the Autumn Open in the Fedden Room at the RWA with other works created from similar bursaries. All works will also be shown on the CMIR website after the RWA exhibition.

CMIR and the RWA are pleased to announce the names of the successful applicants for the CMIR/RWA Bursaries. These are:

Rik Lander – Watch for Mystery Pays
Lucy WIlliams – Pin Hole Images for High Definition Cameras
Jo Millet – Elsewhere
Kayla Parker and Stuart Moore – Maelstrom, Dangerous Waters

Lucy Williams 

I am a practising photographic and media collage artist, South West artist and co-founder / curator with Fitzrovia Noir (FN) in London – an arts Community Interest Company that works to show artworks out of the gallery and into unconventional show spaces – often in buildings and locations in transition, due to re-development or demolition.

To some extent my work for FN has determined the content of my collages which combine analogue photos, printed photographic forms, found image and moving image forms, to show places, people and times where the ‘historicity’ of the original images is questioned, re-purposed and twisted into new meaning. This creation of new images involves an almost literal ‘juggling’ of many source images, including re-photographing and re-composing and  ‘cutting n pasting’ the old-fashioned way!

Another main interest is in helping retain the basic chemical photographic process through making number of black & white photographs with pinhole ‘cameras’ and I have wanted to extend this work through making a pinhole ‘moving’ image that would replicate the pinhole’s visual effect and texture but in colour and in movement.

The project for the CMIR/RWA Bursary offers an opportunity to merge two extremes of the image-making continuum :  from the DIY ‘camera-less’ pinhole aperture to the HD Sony RED One Camera (now used as standard for major Hollywood productions).  Thus the work will experiment with a pinhole ‘lens’, attached to a highly sophisticated HD movie camera to create a filmed journey of the composition in space of a ‘nature morte/still life scene, with it’s making and emerging form captured from multiple moving viewpoints and angles.




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