Spotlight on the #RWA162 Affordable Art Fair You Choose Award Winner – Artist Claire Cohen

For over 5 years the RWA has been asking you the public to choose the winner of our You Choose award. This year ‘8 minutes’ a wonderful piece of sculpture in perspex by Claire Cohen captured your imagination and was voted for as the the RWA’s equivalent of best in show, the Affordable Art Fair You Choose Award!

282686410 01-DSC_0418 02-DSC_0419 12-DSC_0453

We chatted to Claire to discover her journey to this moment:

“My career has followed a meandering path and, having originally studied Physics in the mid-eighties, I started out as a scientist on a power station. Several career changes and a family later I was in a position to be able to enroll at the Bristol School of Art and I completed the Foundation diploma in Art in 2010. Then I spent a year concentrating on improving my printmaking skills and this lead to a place on the MA Multi-Disciplinary Printmaking course at UWE which I completed this summer. Now I work from my studio at home in Bristol and at Spike Print Studios where I am a member.

My final year project for the Masters was (loosely) based on the mathematics of the orbital motion of the planets. Towards the end of the project, I thought it would be appropriate to produce something that represented the centre of the Solar System to complete the set and so I made the piece ‘8 Minutes’. The title ‘8 Minutes’ refers to the time it takes the Sun’s light to travel to the Earth.

‘8 Minutes’ really belongs to a different strand of work that I had been developing during the course. The Planes series plays with the brain’s ability to respond to limited data and missing information and it explores the idea of creating the seemingly solid from intangible, two-dimensional images. The series of works explores depth, dimension and space and references the idea of the optical illusion.

Two new pieces are currently being shown at the Cube Gallery’s Christmas show (Perry Road, Bristol) and I am working on developing the idea further for works to be shown next year. There are plans for my work to be shown at one or more of the Affordable Arts Fairs next year and I will be part of the group exhibitions planned for late spring by the ‘Out of Print Collective’ group of artists to which I belong. (

Images of my work and further information are on my website:


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