Our Top Events during Drawn

The galleries are currently undergoing a transformation from  wooded canopy to modern contemporary drawing room. As we approach the opening of Drawn and Drawing On.. The Ingram Collection of Modern British and Contemporary Art we take a look at some of the highlights in the accompanying events calendar.

Join artist Laurie Lax for the unfurling of her new flags, temporarily hung in place of the usual RWA insignia! Laurie will be creating her designs in the Drawing Lab during the last week of March, as well as running drawing mornings and a flag-themed workshop at the beginning of June.Laurie graduated in Fine Art from Bath School of Art & Design 2010. She is based at BV Studios in Bristol and has completed several residencies in Ireland, Sweden, Lithuania and Cumbria. She has exhibited nationally in London, Bristol, Dundee, Folkestone, Canterbury and Chester and internationally in Germany, Ireland and Poland. She is the co-founder of the Sondryfolk and DFW collectives and was selected for the Jerwood Drawing Prize exhibition 2014.

Aisling Hedgecock was our ‘Invited Artist’ during the Annual Open Exhibition in 2013 and we’re pleased to welcome her back to the RWA as part of the Drawing Lab. Aisling uses her drawings to create 3D forms blurring the traditional boundaries between mediums. The Lab residency (10-12 April and 1-3 May) takes inspiration from Kurt Schwitters’Merzbau experiments, in which he constructed artworks which could be experienced as drawing, sculpture or architecture.

During the workshop you will be using card templates and drawing tools to build organic abstract forms inspired by Aisling’s own sculptures.

Images by Rosie Faragher

During her two day mini residency (26 May and 30 May) illustrator Rosie Faragher will be  doodling away in the Lab investigating the ways lines tell stories.
Join Rosie for a workshop on Saturday 30 May making narratives appear out of abstract drawings. You will be exploring the ways different lines and textures work together to make  stories and characters. All you’ll need is a pencil and your imagination!

Join HATCH for a drawing workshop that will test your powers of observation and imagination! Choose a picture postcard and write a description of it. Swap descriptions with another participant and then draw a postcard, based purely on their written description. Now, spot the difference…!

On the last day of the Drawn exhibition, artist Laurie Lax will be leading a flag-making workshop in the Drawing Lab aimed at all ages and abilities, inspired by her own fascination with the study of Vexillology (or flags!) Laurie will also be leading informal ‘drawing mornings’ during the first week of June (details to be announced soon).


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