Arboretum Artist – Julian Perry set to exhibit at the Venice Biennale

We chat to Arboretum artist Julian Perry on his latest success being displayed as part of The Venice Biennale this summer.


At the Venice Biennale  I will be showing in an exhibition titled “Vita Vitale” at the Palazzo Garzoni .

The Azerbaijani  cultural foundation have asked London based curators “Artwise” to curate a show of international artists addressing issues of environmental crisis and climate change. The show is supported by the I.U.C.N

Benacre Birch III

Benacre Birch III

Benacre and Covehithe are two places where costal erosion is at its most acute. Covehithe with it beautiful church (painted by John Piper) and Benacre with its precious wildlife are all threatened by erosion and worsening winter weather. I wanted to take the plight of these Suffolk locations to an international audience. Confronting visitors to the show with images that reflect the drama of what happens when you lose ten meters or more each year to the sea.

Trees at Benachre

Trees at Benachre

Trees at Benachre

Trees at Benachre

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