Newly Appointed Academicians

Academicians are artists at the forefront of their profession who have achieved excellence in their field. The RWA Academicians contribute to and support the activities of the Academy. This includes exhibiting in the annual Autumn Exhibition and lending their skills to delivering exhibitions, events and educational activities.

After a year-long application process, we are delighted to welcome five new Academicians to the RWA this year. They are:

Malcolm Ashman

Mr Stone, oil and metal leaf on panel, 20 x 20cm, 2015

Malcolm Ashman RWA, Mr. Stone, oil and metal leaf on board, 20 x 20cm

‘Drawing and painting gave me a voice. … Over time the landscape and the figure have been my focus. I don’t maintain a single cohesive style; my response to each subject is different but strong drawing is always the foundation.’ @MalcolmAshman


Lucy Austin

Lucy Austin, Duologue Sketchbook i, watercolour on paper, 14 x 19cm, 2015

Lucy Austin RWA, Duologue Sketchbook i, watercolour, 14 x 19cm

‘The Duologues explore making images using layers of paint, opacity and transparency. … Each drawing has a pair of personages who seem to be conversing in some way. I am thinking about the layers of experience that become part of us and also forms and structures in the landscape which are transformed by my imagination.’


Sara Dudman

Sara Dudman, Tiny Nest (Sky I) oil on canvas, 34 x 34cm

Sara Dudman RWA,Tiny Nest (Sky I), oil on canvas, 34 x 34cm

‘My paintings and drawings are as much responses to specific environments and experiences as they are intuitive and well-versed yet spontaneous explorations of media and surfaces. Working processes direct my practice. Initially using a combination of video and traditional recording methods, each work seeks to explore and express interactions and relationships with the environment. A dynamic is created between the subject and the process of creating the work itself.’ @SaraDudman



Ros Ford

Ros Ford, Shelter, Sparke Evans Park, etching, aquatint and drypoint, 80 x 108cm

Ros Ford RWA, Shelter, Sparke Evans Park, etching, aquatint and drypoint, 80 x 108cm

‘Functional structures and buildings fascinate me. These can range from the abandoned and derelict, to contemporary places of work or leisure. This subject matter is a vehicle for my interest in the buildings’ form and structure and their relationship with the landscape. Etching, a process using physical and chemical techniques of creating textures, marks and layers on metal reflects the industrial nature of my subject.’


Sarah Gillespie

Picture 3655

Sarah Gillespie RWA, Outside, mezzotint, 20 x 20cm

‘I hope, through a process of long-looking and close attention – focusing on quieter moments of beauty and oft hidden lives – to reveal something of the natural world’s remaining loveliness. Working in black and white and subtle shades of brown and grey demands a different form of looking to the immediate win offered by more overt colours.  Instead I am looking for an emotional delicacy, hoping to offer intimations of frail beauty, fleeting pleasures, the delicate poetry of a shadow and looking…’









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