New Artist Network members

Following the most recent round of applications to our Artist Network Scheme, we are really excited to have four new members to join our current cohort.

Here’s an introduction to them and their works:

Alice Freeman

01.Drifter, etching, 26X26cm, 2015

Alice Freeman, Drifter, etching

‘My work deals with the tactile and textural qualities in etching and sculpture. Forms emerge through hands-on manipulation of a range of materials. These are moulded into an environment transforming it into a tactile space that both repels and attracts.’


George Harding

mr happy

George Harding, Mr Happy, oil on board

‘My self-portraits often explore the inner self. The paintings dissolve the figure pointing to different states of being that are temporal and ethereal. I am looking at how a surface can reflect, distort, fragment and transform the real. I want people to relate to this in an emotive way seeing this in themselves.’


Charlotte Price

1.Earthen Clod (ii), Relief print, 1 of 1, 20cms x 14cms, 2015 jpg.jpg

Charlotte Price, Earthen Clod, relief print


‘This body of visual artworks focuses upon the exploration of a rural landscape through its pathways and boundaries. The word ruderal describes a “plant that grows on waste ground.” It is this plant life sited at the edge of my walking that inspires my imagery.’


Deborah Westmancoat

Mountain (2012)

Deborah Westmancoat, Mountain, metal plate, rivets, charcoal, pencil on found board

‘I have a long term interest in alchemy and the philosophical sciences and how they help us to understand landscape and our place within it…I look for the quiet places where the stages [of alchemy] become apparent and collect samples of site and weather specific waters and combine with writing ink to illustrate my findings.’


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