International Women’s Day

To celebrate International Women’s Day, we take a closer look at a selection of our inspiring female Academicians, past and present.

1367 Kerr, Janette, Night Sea.jpg

Janette Kerr RWA, Night Sea

Painter Janette Kerr RWA is our current president, most famous for her ‘foul-weather’ paintings. During her career she has worked as a designer and layout artist, printmaker and full time lecturer. Through her work, Kerr has developed her interest in extreme wave theory – an ongoing research project that is based on meteorological data around the Shetland seas and explores the connection between art and science. She creates large scale paintings as a direct response to this environment, creating a body of work that seeks to make direct visual associations between observational and archival research.


Works by sculptor Margaret Lovell RWA

Sculptor Margaret Lovell RWA, currently exhibiting in Cornwall, works largely in bronze and creates abstract works from the miniature to the monumental. Her work is often exhibited outside as it is usually inspired by organic and natural forms, which regularly consist of two pieces forming a relationship with one another and creating a unified harmony. She also regularly creates works based around a ‘head’, and has a fascination with the possibility of conveying character in a simplified form.

Just at the edge of day.jpg

Laurie Steen RWA, Just at the edge of day

Newly elected academician Laurie Steen RWA is best known for her mixed media drawings which capture positive and negative spaces, trees, and forms in the landscape. She is able to visually record the direct sensation of experiencing something observed in nature the same way she can capture someone in a portrait (which is another element of her practice).

July Series no. 7.JPG

Lucy Willis RWA, July series No 7, 2012

Painter and printmaker Lucy Willis RWA has a broad library of work and paints still life subjects, landscapes and seafronts, animals, architecture and portraits. She regularly uses oils and watercolours but also creates etchings and charcoal drawings. She created an interesting series of work as artist in residence at Shepton Mallet prison and won the National Portrait gallery’s BP portrait award for a portrait from this series.

26 Fedden, Mary, Flowers 2.jpg

Flowers 2, Mary Fedden PPRWA

Mary Fedden was a former president of the RWA (and member since the 1930’s) and has exhibited everywhere from her first exhibition at a department store in 1947 right up until a major exhibit of her work in the Royal West Of England Academy in 1996. As well as being an artist, she was a stage painter, part of the woman’s voluntary service during the war where she also produced propaganda murals, and later became a teacher at the RCA for almost 10 years, all whilst maintaining a career as an artist and developing her style.

Post written by Danielle Doobay, Marketing Intern

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  1. Love Laurie Steen’s work whenever I see it.

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